Friday, January 25, 2013

Going to the Show

By Chuck Vanderbilt

For those that don't live in a metropolitan area, attending shows for collectors can provide many benefits. That's why I, along with some fellow collectors, find ourselves piling into a vehicle and traveling hundreds of miles to attend them. There are several reasons why we do it. It's a chance to get outside of the everyday routine, a change of scenery, and who doesn't enjoy immersing themselves into their hobby. Of course, there's also the thrill of the hunt. That's why this weekend we will be headed to Houston to attend the Tristar Collectors Show at Reliant Arena.

There is a wide variety of collection targets just within our circle, and attending larger trade shows provides the opportunity for each of us to find something to scratch our respective itch. You know the one. The itch that will have you scouring eBay in the middle of the night. Whether it's wax, high end prospect cards, or vintage items, the variety of collectibles available at large shows for collectors is something many local card shops simply cannot match. Throw in autograph appearances by yesterday and today's stars and  you can see why so many flock to them.

Some collectors in our circle know exactly what they're looking for, while I tend to go in with a more of an open mind. Personally, what I enjoy most is the quest of finding a unique item to add to my collection. Sometimes finding such a collectible takes several laps throughout the showroom floor and I often see things  the second or third time I stop at a table that I somehow passed over. While not knowing what you're looking for might frustrate many collectors, I find not knowing what I'll bring home adds to the anticipation.

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